Apple’s Vision Pro: Redefining the Metaverse Experience

• Apple’s mixed reality headset, Vision Pro, is set to revolutionize the way users interact with the metaverse.
• Its EyeSight technology allows for a more natural interaction between users and their environment.
• Pupil-tracking technology can be used to create personalized experiences tailored to each user’s mental state.

Apple’s Mixed Reality Headset

Apple’s new mixed-reality headset, Vision Pro, could cause a seismic shift in how users will experience the metaverse, with developers potentially moving away from the absolute isolation of virtual reality. Unlike today’s virtual reality headsets, which center on full immersion, Apple’s Vision Pro — unveiled on June 5 — can also superimpose applications onto the real world, letting users “interact with digital content in a way that feels like it is physically present in their space.”

KPMG’s Head of Metaverse Alyse Su

Speaking to Cointelegraph, KPMG’s Head of Metaverse Alyse Su believes the Vision Pro will shift developer focus away from purely immersive virtual worlds . The headset introduces a new technology it calls “EyeSight,” which uses lens trickery to make the user’s facial expressions look natural to outsiders. EyeSight also allows the display to switch between a transparent and opaque view, depending on whether a user is consuming immersive content or interacting with people in the real world.

Eye-Tracking Technology

Su said there is also a lot of potential in its eye-tracking technology, which can be used to help create personalized experiences. Apple’s pupil-tracking technology works by detecting the mental state of users based on data from their eye movements and the response of their pupils to stimulus. It then uses artificial intelligence to make predictions about their emotions.

Apple Employee

An Apple employee involved in developing Vision Pro stated that they have “spent 10% of [their] life contributing to [its] development.” They expressed pride and relief for its final release.


It appears that Apple’s latest innovation has potential far beyond expectation – not only does it bring us one step closer towards greater immersion into virtual worlds but also allows us insight into our own personal emotions and states through AI powered pupil tracking technologies.. With this level of sophistication we may soon see an entirely new type of interaction within these virtual environments