Texas Votes to Give Right to Use Crypto: 9th Amendment in Sight

• Texas legislators have voted to add digital currency to the state’s Bill of Rights, granting individuals the right to use Bitcoin for trading.
• The bill recognizes the right of individuals to possess, retain and utilize digital currencies.
• The amendment aims to leverage the inclusion of this right to make a legal argument in the federal judiciary invoking the 9th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which recognizes natural rights beyond those explicitly listed in the first eight amendments.

Texas Votes To Add Digital Currency To State’s Bill Of Rights

Texas lawmakers have voted on Wednesday, May 10, to amend their state’s Bill of Rights and add a provision recognizing that individuals have the right to possess, retain and utilize digital currencies such as Bitcoin (BTC). The bill received 139 votes in favor with only two against.

Texas’ Constitutional Enforcement Group

Tom Glass, who established Texas’ Constitutional Enforcement group remarked on Thursday that there is one more House vote on HJR 146 before it goes to the Senate and eventually a vote from citizens of Texas. He said that this amendment aims to leverage its inclusion into Texas’ Bill of Rights by making a legal argument in federal court based on invoking the ninth amendment of US Constitution which states that there are other natural rights besides those listed in first eight amendments.

The Goal Of Adding This Provision

The goal behind adding this provision is for individuals within Texas to be able access an alternate medium of exchange when trading or contracting goods and services; with this right not being violated by any government entity or legislation. This includes digital currencies such as Bitcoin as well as cash coin bullion or scrip; thus allowing Texans more financial freedom when engaging in economic activities.

Other Amendments In The Texas Bill Of Rights

The Texas bill includes other essential liberties like freedom of speech religion press similar those included in US bill but also specific clauses pertaining specifically just for Texans like prompt trial rights possession carrying weapons self defense etc..

Final Step For This Amendment To Become Law

Once passed HJR 146 will grant Texans privilege utilizing digital currencies like Bitcoin; however there is still one more House vote then it goes Senate before finally being presented people for final approval become law state Texas .